We recently pitched for the redesign of a childrens hospital website. Our idea included developing a set of characters for the part of the website reserved for children under 10 years of age.
These characters would be the childrens friends and guides through their time at the hospital. From the initial meeting on the website as the characters help explain what to expect at the hospital., what to bring with you, and what some of the procedures would be like.

One of the advantages of using characters such as these is that they can be used to explain procedures and treatments to the children, that may be scary or too complex to show using live action footage.
We imagined that the characters would naturally, live outside of the online world as well. Appearing on the walls of the ward, in leaflets and literature, games, stickers and merchandise, extending the idea that the characters are with the children throughout their time in the hospital.

We didn't win the pitch but we love these little guys!
The quirky characters called Bromptons, (after the name of the childrens hospital) were designed by illustrator and animator Matt Saunders.

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