EU Fundamental Rights Forum 2018

This biennial event is hosted by the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency, and brings together leading European and global agents for change from diverse walks of life, including high-level representatives of all major international and regional human rights organisations. Many hail from areas not normally found in traditional human rights events such as the world of arts, sports and business. 

Nuw, working together with Restless Communications, were tasked with developing and implementing a communications strategy to ensure delegates at the 2018 Fundamental Rights Forum had the best possible experience.

And to create strong visual branding and content across all print, video and digital channels to signpost specific areas of interest for delegates.

Creative Direction and Design - Paul Wilkinson
Video Scripting and Editing - Paul Wilkinson
Animation and Art Direction - Cheng Sheng

Event promotion.
Dur: 60 secs
Our solution involved refreshing the existing logo and identity, and developing a colour palette that included 6 extra colours, used to represent the 6 'tracks' or areas of dicussion at the forum. This colour coding was threaded through all branding and communications. Including social media messaging, event branding, film and video, online and offline.

We produced a number of video assets, including a round up film for each day of the event, with the previous days film being shown at the start of the following days proceedings. Footage and interviews were collected through the day, then edited later on the same day for use the following morning.
Daily event round up film. 
Dur: 1 min 35 secs

A number of films were made to be used at the start of  'tent pole' sessions, including this one for the Reality Bite session, which was about the impact of the migrant crisis in Europe. The film tells the story of the journey that many migrants take to get to Europe, focusing on the most perilous one, the journey across the Mediterranean Sea. The film makes extensive use of aerial and drone footage clearly showing the physical scale of the devastation, the distances, the amount of people and more, which is offset in the final part by getting in closer to reveal the human face of the crisis. ​​​​​​​
'The Journey' Introduction film for the 'Reality Bite' session. 
Dur:  2 min 25 secs

We produced a range of assets for the event, including a brochure, signage and promotional items. The colour coding and brand elements needed to work as well in the digital realm as the physical one, including website, an event app and social media posts.​​​​​​​
The event programme made clear use of the colour coding principle.
Pull up banners. Including a design for each themed 'track'.
Social media templates were designed using specific colours for the different 'tracks'.
The branding applied to the event app.

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