The Single Resolution Board (SRB) holds an annual conference in Brussels bringing together high level EU policymakers and leaders of the European banking industry.
We were briefed to come up with conference branding around the theme of 'Turning Policy into Action'. 
As well as the expected deliverables that form part of a conference branding kit, we were asked to produce a large banner (11m x 6m) for the exterior of the conference venue, the Charlemegne Building. This high profile, landmark site is at the geographic heart of the EU in Brussels and offered a great opportunity to extend the message outside of the confines of the conference venue, and into the wider area of Brussels itself, where it would be seen not only by participants at the conference, but also by a passing audience of Brussels bureaucrats and politicians as well.

The SRB wanted us to create a design that was strong and easy to understand, without being too literal. It also needed to take into account the architecture of the building.

Creative Direction and Design - Paul Wilkinson
Brochure Design - Cheng Sheng
Animation - Cheng Sheng

A number of creative routes were developed with the successful one being this concept of a 'policy document' being turned into something actionable, a paper aeroplane. The addition of the bullseye infers that the aeroplane has flown through the air and hit its target successfully, an important distinction for the client. The resulting image is strong, simple, graphic and stands out clearly against the complex structure of the Charlemegne Building architecture. 

Charlemegne Building Banner Site

While the banner was the centrepiece of the project, the imagery needed to translate well across multiple applications including print (brochures, folders, badges, roll up banners and signage) and digital (web banners, large screen images, powerpoint and social media).  

The creative underpinned the key message of the conference in a strong and simple, but not simplistic way. And delivered impact not only to conference delegates but to the eye of passers-by.

Signage and banners
A number of large format digital screen images were produced for the conference hall
Curved lectern vinyl
Printed assets including an A5 brochure, A4 folder and delegate badges
Digital assets including web banners, Powerpoint slides and an animated GIF used for social media communications

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