The challenge

The EBA’s annual report gives a comprehensive overview of the authority’s work and achievements. It’s an essential public record, delivering transparency and accountability.

Financial details and specialist language in the report’s 116 pages can make it a challenging read. We were asked to help make it more accessible to the general public: a key target audience.

The result

We created a vertical scrolling infographic that could be easily embedded on the EBA website with no extra coding. For maximum reach, we adapted the final piece into 23 EU languages.

The first part of the process was to condense and clarify the broad and complex messages in the report. These had to be written in plain, simple language, without trivialising the content.

Our aim was for all messages contained in the report summary to be read and understood by a non-specialist audience, with a total read time of 90-seconds to 4-and-a-half minutes.

We developed graphical elements, reflecting the EBA’s existing style guide, to support the text and help tell the story of the annual report as simply as possible.

Each bite-sized and shareable section then linked to relevant content in the annual report, or other EBA documents, for those who wanted to learn more.

Above: Section of the scrolling animation

Below: Full PDF version in English

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