This film was made to promote the game at the all important E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the annual trade fair for the video games industry, and needed to showcase some of the many accolades the game had recieved, whilst demonstrating the gameplay and some of the great game artwork elements.

We see a gamer taking a trip through the city, as he does we see various endorsments and design elements come to life on advertising hoardings as he passes them. He's oblivious to the effect his gaming has on his immediate surroundings, in fact, he's so wrapped up in the game he doesn't even realise where he's ultimately heading.

The music in the game is a crucial part of the gameplay. Elements and obstacles animate on and off in synch with elements from the music track, so you actually play to the rhythm of the track, as opposed to the music being purely background.
Music - Happy Africa by Beck
Sound Shapes is a unique take on the classic sidescrolling platform game developed for Sony's Playstation and PS Vita handheld console. The game consists of various levels featuring design by Pixeljam, Superbrothers and more, and music by celebrity artists such as Deadmau5, Beck, Jim Guthrie, I am Robot and others.

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