Nuw were commissioned by Aromatherapy Associates to make a small film to mark their certification as a B Corp company. 

B Corporation is a global movement of brands who use their business as a force for good. Only those who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, to balance profit and purpose are awarded this prestigious certification.

This short, stop frame animation was made to announce the award on social media.
It features a build of the B Corporation logo made out of some of the natural ingredients found in Aromatherapy Associates products.

The shoot and production have their own story of sustainability as well. All the props and elements, and the team who worked on it were all sourced within walking distance of the Nuw Creative office.

Client: Aromatherapy Associates
Agency: Maria Boyle Communications
Creative Direction: Nuw
Art Direction: Georgia Cooke
At Dept: Honor Beeby
Lighting Camera: Mark Mercer
Studio: Sugarland
Flowers; Urban Flowers N8
Porcelain Tile Background: Jordan Andrews

Aromatherapy Associates - B Corp Certified - Dur: 16 secs
The film needed to work in multiple video formats.
Original storyboards
Original storyboards
1. Logo was projected onto background. Stencils of logo cut from foam board.
2. Letter area carefully sprayed with glue. Then peppercorns dropped into place.
3. Foam board stencils carefully removed leaving peppercorns in situ.
4. Peppercorn stragglers were wrangled into place.
5. Remainder of elements put into position.
6.All the elements used are featured ingredients in Aromatherapy Associates products.
7. Roses, eucalyptus, peppercorns and grapefruit.
8. Once the final frame had been built and signed off by the client, the sequence was then filmed in reverse order, taking elements out. 
9. Starting with a couple of hundred peppercorns!

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