Magnifisight Branding

Magnifisight is a consultancy helping brands make the best decisions to grow and change using research and data. As a start up organisation, they wanted their branding to be bold and eye catching, to enable them to cut through in a competitive but often conservative field. The visual route we settled on uses time lapse stock photography showing human activity from unusual angles, to represent the core aspect of Magnifisight's approach to dealing with data. Looking at results from different perspectives and angles to find hidden truths and meaning, from the bigger over arching narrative, down to tiny details of human behaviour.
The repetitive, pulsing rhythms of the visuals represent the notion of information flowing, being collected, analysed and distributed.

The project is ongoing with the first phase requiring logo work, colour palette, visuals, a launch film, website and marketing assets.

Magnifisight explainer video 2m 25s
Seasonal greetings e-card
Credentials deck

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